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Entry Gate to get summer security facelift

As both a safety and maintenance measure, the community is installing a new gate entry system this summer that will require new entry codes and remote controllers. The gate, which is about 15 years old, becomes more costly to repair as the parts become more obsolete and difficult to find.

The first part of the gate maintenance has been completed, with the installation of new operators. These are the internal parts of the motor that had become worn and unreliable. The next phase will include replacement of the dial-up phone system with weather protection and digital communications, a new transmitter/receiver system and enhanced programmable security. An added benefit to the new system is its ability to communicate with mobile phones versus the current one that requires a land line.

Each property is eligible to receive one free replacement remote upon completion of the upgrade, which is scheduled to end July 11, 2013. Remotes will be issued that day prior to the quarterly board meeting starting at 5 PM in the Spring Ash/Spring Bird cul-de-sac. If you are unable to pick up your remote on that date, you will need to pick yours up at the AMS offices. Until then, you may use your current gate code as they will be transferred to the new system.

Additional remotes may be ordered from the AMS Offices at a cost of $40 each. Unlike the older versions, these are not duplicable and are each assigned a unique code which can be activated or deactivated independently.

NOW ONLINE! MAR & APR 2013 HOA financial docs available.Have questions or ideas on our financial record? Start a discussion so the entire community can hear your ideas. Discussion board is here.

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The Spring 2013 Edition of "The Villas Voice" Newsletter now available for download


 Summer Landscape






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